Rich Talarico writer, producer, actor, director, improviser and teacher.


Rich Talarico is a Peabody Award winning and four-time Emmy nominated writer and producer best known for his work on Comedy Central’s Key & Peele. Rich has also written/produced shows like Review for Comedy Central, MADtvSaturday Night Live, and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Rich produced and co-wrote Frank TV for TBS and was a writer/performer on The Sketch Pad for HBO.
Rich studied at Chicago’s Second City and then went on the road with Second City’s National Touring Company. He later co-created five original sketch comedy revues with Second City’s Resident Etc. and Main Stage Companies. While in Chicago, Rich played on Improv Olympic, (iO) house teams, co-created several shows, Trio, Dasariski, Strap Heads, and performed with early casts of Chicago’s longest-running improv show: “The Armando Diaz Experience, Theatrical Movement and Hootenanny”.
Rich’s most recent feature film script, The Widow Daredevil, was named an official selection of the 2020 Beverly Hills Film Festival. Rich has appeared in featured roles on MADtvLate Night with Conan O’Brien and the feature film, High Fidelity. Rich has appeared in several TV commercials, most notably A&W Rootbeer’s “Mr. Dumass.”

Rich Talarico writer | Key & Peele

This 3 min video features just a few of the highlights of Rich Talarico’s
writing for the Emmy-winning Key & Peele show.

Geek Eyewear - The Receptionist

“The Receptionist” – Played by Dixie Perkinson. Meet Patty, the receptionist; she is either flirting with customers, or in the break room.

Geek Eyewear - The Genius

“The Genius.” Played by Eric Ludwig. Every company has one… “The Genius” — they never stop churning out ideas and never stop talking.

Geek Eyewear - The Boss

“The Boss.” Played by Mike Ludwig. The Boss speaks to the people.

“The Flame” Lyric Video

Course “The Flame” Lyric Video

The Bank Manager (Demo)

The Bank Manager – Short Series Demo by Rich Talarico


Thick-Headed campaign for A&W Rootbeer. “Mr. Dumass”

Death of a Cell Phone

Karen’s cell phone has died.

First Class Turbulence

The one time I upgrade to first class and it’s bumpy.

Confessions of a Time Waster

Confessions of a Time-Waster
Written & Performed By Craig Cackowski. Directed By Rich Talarico.

Liars Get The Sauce

These people think they’re actually eating gourmet chicken wings.

Sylmar the Genie (NSFW)

Owen finds a magic lamp and releases a Genie granting three wishes.


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